Tuesday, 21 February 2012

GTA San Andreas 2012 ViP torrent

Released: 2012
Developer: SlimThug
Language: EN

▍* ▍Here is selected and uploaded the most recent and the best, HQ mods, also some created and edited of mine. Around SA there are several additional roads and added drift track. At Area 69, you can see UFO's between 11 p.m. to 3:00. In Flint County is wandering strange creature..


* All transport, all peds.
* All textures: trees, shrubs, grass, roads, etc.
* All exterior and interior of the houses.
* All radio stations.
* The atmosphere, clouds, water, effects, weapons, and almost all the car sounds.
* New protagonist.
* Realistic effects and car reflections.
* Added the speedometer.
* 14 full tunable cars. 2 drift: Mazda Rx7 | Nissan Silvia S15 and 1 car for drag. Also you will find tuning mod, with which will can tune car on the spot, also add weapons, neons, Speed Boost, and etc.
* Official car colors, more realistic control, acceleration and braking. The reality of the vehicle speed, names and year of manufacture. Wheels, suspension, headlights, doors, exhausts, etc. everything is properly adjusted.
* A lot of more opportunities and much more...

▍* ▍In the game folder you will find 3 versions of the ENB (need extract to the game folder), so you will can select themselves like best. 1 - with bold colors and reflections, 2 - with only reflections and 3 - graphics will change absolutely..
▍* ▍+ 3 different menu colors, two versions of the radar modes, and gasoline (if you want to replace/add, extract files in the game directory, replacing the existing files).
▍* ▍CLEO settings is in: CLEO_P.txt.

This is a complete game compressed to .rar. For launch just extract with WinRAR or something like that (it takes several minutes, depending on the PC). SA-MP does not work!

Minimum System Requirements:

* OS: Windows: 7 | Vista | XP
* CPU: 1.5 GHz
* RAM: 1.0 GB
* HDD: 9.0 GB
* GPU: 256mb

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